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    Get rid of glasses and contact lenses with the 100% laser surgery!
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    Ocular plastic
    Facial rejuvenation
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Individualized service through a highly qualified team with total comfort, infrastructure, and safety.

An uninformed person can postpone the search for treatment, or worse, hide symptoms from a disease using inappropriate drugs! Learn about your eyes. Download now our book :


Get rid of glasses and contact lenses with the 100% laser surgery!

Safety from diagnosis to treatment.
  • Platform iLasik™

    The platform iLASIK™ is indicated for Refractive or low-order aberrations treatments - Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia; It is also indicated for keratoconus and corneal transplantation.

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  • Safety
    • • FDA, EMEA and ANVISA approved. (Regulatory agencies from the United States, Europe and Brazil).
    • • Approximately 32 million iLasik™ procedures have been performed until now.
    • • Standard quality of the surgeries performed for the American Air Force pilots and for the NASA astronauts.
    • • Clinical assessments have reported that the use of the Intralaser reduces the symptoms of dry eyes in 72%.
  • The patients’ favorite one
    • • 81% of the patients choose iLasik™ with the cornea preparation instead of the traditional one with the blade.
    • • 75% of the patients have chosen the post-operatory with IntraLase® when compared to the eye in which the blade was used.
    • • Many patients notice the results immediately after the procedure and the vision quality has a continuous progress over time.
The Visy Institute seeks to offer a differentiated service to their patients, through a highly qualified and motivated team, offering total comfort, safe infrastructure and parking.